Creative direction for a Christmas storybook

Chencho y la Bombilla Mágica (Chencho and the Magic Lightbulb) is a publication by El Corte Inglés, created as a Christmas gift for their clients and inspired by their TV ad campaign of the same name. Erretres’ challenge was to adapt the existing audio-visual piece into a printed design, presenting it as a traditional Christmas story for all to enjoy. (Book illustrations by María Simavilla).

“The light should be a main character in this story.”
Erretres & Maria Simavilla

Light 01

Chencho’s daily life is just like that of any other child… or is it?

Light 02

Something seems to have changed in the life of Checho: nothing is going wrong. He’s the best player in the school playground!

Light 03

With darkness blanketing the city, the arrival of Christmas depends on Chencho: will he be able to return the magic lightbulb in time?

Cover Design

The cover was designed from scratch by Erretres, and consists of a screen-printed acetate sheet over the hardback cover. From the title set in Neutra Display Bold, a series of ornamental swirls was designed to give the book a more traditional festive character, and this curling design was expanded to cover the whole front of the book. Upon the removal of the acetate, a different image is revealed, this time of a lightbulb in the style of a festive snow globe.

Spot “Chencho y la Bombilla Mágica”

Director: Pep Bosch
Production company: Western
Agency: S,C,P,F…

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