Visual identity for an independent financial entity

Abante is an independent financial entity, consultancy and assets management specialist with a fixed position in the market since 2001. Growth in recent years as well as the evolution and maturity of the company has brought them to revise their brand as well as redefine the values of their message.

Erretres. The Strategic Design Company took on the project, working closely with the Abante team to understand the company philosophy, which was to place people at their center.

In addition to creating the visual identity (in which the logo was kept with minor typographic adjustments), the verbal identity and definition of key messages were also developed.

The different services and products of the company each required a unique touch, but a common tone and image. In the same way, a colour and typographic system to organize the datum was called upon.

This resulted in coherent communication that transmits the brand values both internally and externally.

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