Identity for Casa Terrat Theatre in Barcelona

Casa Terrat is an initiative that was created by the El Terrat production company to transform the Teatro Arteria Paral.lel in Barcelona into a multidisciplinary reference point for comedy and the dissemination of knowledge. Erretres received the commission to design its brand identity and its subsequent application to different mediums.

The shape of the brand was inspired directly by the emblematic octagonal blocks that form part of the urban planning model designed by Cerdá for Barcelona’s Exiample. The fusion of the “C” from “Casa” and “T” from Terrat we find the symbol and the essence of the Casa Terrat: a space that is a venue for the culture of humor, in which comedians and their audiences relate to one another, in which the stage (the t), fuses together with the auditorium (the c). For the brand, the stage (t) wouldn’t exist without the audience (c). One shape is included in the other; each makes up the other.

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