Everis is a company dedicated to consulting and outsourcing across all sectors. In 2014, everis joined NTT Data Group, the world’s sixth largest IT service company which is based in Japan. To launch a new global design studio under a new brand, everis counted on Erretres, and so we developed the entire branding project: strategy, naming and visual identity.


The branding project for Chazz required a considerable amount of research and analysis. Erretres’ strategy team studied numerous references to define the positioning and creative concept. ‘When Chess Met Jazz’ joins together the values of rigor, improvisation, order, and chaos represented by jazz and chess. Chazz is a new global creative studio, an open space in which senior professionals with hybrid skills collaborate to design business models, products, and services with a real impact on people and organisations.

“I have come to the personal conclusion
that while all artists are not chess players
all chess players are artists.”
Marcel Duchamp – Artist & Chess Player


‘Chazz’ refers to the encounter between jazz and chess. The creation of a name is a strategic and creative decision which must be aligned with the objectives of the brand. It is the axis around which the value proposal is constructed, it defines the positioning, distinction and impact of the brand. ‘Chazz’ is the sum of strategy and intuition, thinking and creativity. The perfect hybrid. An extraordinary result.


The Chazz logo was developed from the combination of a pentagram and a chessboard. The construction and the movement of the logo are based on the shapes and moves of chess pieces and musical notes.


All touchpoints evolve from the encounter between music and chess. The main colours are those of the chessboard: black and white. To define the complementary colours Erretres’ design team took inspiration on the ‘Eyeborg’ study by Neil Harbisson, who assigns a colour to each musical note. The ‘Graphik’ typeface allowed us to work in different tones of voice: ‘regular’ for the technical jargon, ‘light’ for a smarter voice, and ‘bold’ to create clear impact.


Erretres created all the graphic identity elements (colour palette, patterns, photographic style, typeface, etc.) and applications (video, website, social media, posters, tote bags, invitations, stationery and signage for the launch event).