Identity and catalogue for the Masaveu Collection Exhibition

The Fundación MCMP commissioned the studio with creating the identity for the exposition “Image and material”, as well as the design of its catalogue, urban equipment and merchandising products. The project presented a challenge for both the client and Erretres, as it was the first time that such a large representation of this highly significant private art collection would be put on display.

The title, “Image and material”, was the determining factor in the composition of the exposition’s image, which featured a juxtaposition of two details taken from the work. The first represented the “image” through a fragment of skin taken from one of the figures represented in the work; the other, representing “material”, captured a detail from their garments. At the same time, these two confronting details generated a colour contrast: the left-hand image is lighter, with whitish tones, while the right-hand image is characterized by strong colours (blue, red, brown).

In the exposition space and the catalogue, these three colours (blue, red and brown) were used to define the three chronological categories into which the collection was arranged: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque Period. The typographies chosen for the identity and catalogue were HTF Gotham and Chronicle.

Photographies: Eduardo López / Julio César González.

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