BANKIA Dualiza

Dualiza is a website powered by Bankia, which promotes the FP Dual education programmes and bridges the relationship between the companies and the educational centres. Dualiza helps to grow and strengthen this collaboration, so the education the students receive matches the companies’ needs from new professional profiles.


In order to make Dualiza a distinct website, differentiating it from other information sources about the FP Dual, positioning it as an information referent in the field, a value proposition was defined: “Dualiza identifies the local area needs, the educational centres and companies settled there and builds a tailored programme that could be included in the FP Dual education programme.”


To achieve a pleasing user experience, a heuristic analysis was made in order to identify the pains and the gains. Following this, a benchmark was made to evaluate Dualiza’s competitors and, to get to know the user better, interviews and surveys were part of the process.


The colour palette used for the project is based on Bankia’s identity adding a determinated colour for each segment (companies, educational centres and students)

Each section has illustrations made by Apertif Studio.