Identity for El País Video, an Internet TV Channel

El País, the main newspaper in Spain, counted on Erretres to launch their new online television channel. The project started with thorough research that led to the development of the name, graphic identity and tone of voice, as well as implementing the on-screen animation.

Our approach
“The brand as a huge generator of quality video contents”


The goal was to open a new active window to the world with a dynamic and versatile identity that serves as the base of numerous animated resources such as identified themes, signs, graphics, covers, credits, signatures, locations, etc., which a project of these characteristics requires.

A window from which El País, in its most synthetic form, is converted into the brand-curator of reality, thus a window from which it observes the world and shows to the world.

“Open a new active window to the world”

On-Air Identity

With a strong brand position and without disregarding the historical character of the publication, we developed a system where the font Majerit, the typographic family used on the printed edition, is modernized when placed upon blue or orange backgrounds, or even the content itself.

Brand’s Ecosystem

The proposal thus successfully developed a rich ecosystem of tools and resources that allows for synthesizing and communicating a large amount of ever-changing content.  (Infographics, IDs, signage, avatars, covers…)

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