ENISA is a government-owned trading company – incorporated under the Spanish Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism – that has been participating in the funding of innovative and sustainable business projects since 1982. It offers a unique alternative to the traditional funding channels available in the public and private spectrum.

Erretres was commissioned with the renewal of their brand and the objective of bringing contemporary design to public service. The project encompassed the following: the revision and creation of their brand statements, verbal communication, the design of their institutional and customer service website, as well as their intranet and a range of multimedia and graphic assets.


ENISA was already a reference in the entrepreneurship field. In 2016, they gave more than 82 million euros to funding lines. They wanted to transform themselves into the first actor within the innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem and to be a significant informational and educational source on funding for startups. Erretres defined the strategic concept – ENISA promotes and funds the culture of innovative entrepreneurship – which served as the basis for the rebranding project, the communication strategy, and the digital product design.


While creating the visual identity for ENISA, simplicity was crucial. The message and information contained in all the brand contact points should prevail, so the typography and colors were selected to communicate the values of clearness and easiness.


The greatest challenge while designing the digital product for ENISA was transforming a governmental corporate website into an attractive product. The brand attributes, such as the efficient and personal way of relating to the users, defined by Erretres strategy team, were the foundations to designing a clear information architecture, a suitable tone of voice and a simple look and feel, where visual served to highlight the written messages.


Erretres developed a strategic communication plan aiming to reinforce and improve communication tools and platforms. Working on a direct, clear and close tone of voice, which would establish a fluid dialogue between the brand and the users. The balance between rigor and warmth was key for a brand message, which highlights the social and economic support mission of ENISA.

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