‘Fama A Bailar’ is a new TV show by Movistar+ and broadcast on channel Cero. Movistar+ approached Erretres with a clear objective: to create the identity and develop a strategy for the launch campaign. This was delivered through a broad array of media, including TV, radio, newspapers, outdoor advertising, publicity events, internal communication, online, and on social media.

Erretres worked alongside Movistar+ on the coordination of the multiple teams involved in the project. The challenge was for everyone to work together aligned under a unique strategic concept. The agencies involved in the project were Zeppelin TV (producer), Forward (media agency), and Momentum (Experience agency).

‘Fama A Bailar’ by Movistar+ is based on concept of quality, rigor and authenticity, with dance as a universal value and the success of the dancer being the result of talent and hard work. Movistar+ sought a universal audience, with young people as the core target audience. Both the strategic concept and visual identity were developed to communicate the values of effort, progress, youth and quality.

The ‘Fama A Bailar’ campaign strategy started with an umbrella concept: the fame is inside you – let it free. We synthesised this concept into a campaign tagline with the power to express an emotion both universal and personal, connecting the value of dance with that of the brand. This directly appeals to the entire target audience, and integrates the phrase into every instance of the campaign’s application. “Fama Vive en Ti” is a flexible concept, able to adapt to the needs of the extensive range of large-scale and social media applications.

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