Fundación ENAIRE

Fundación ENAIRE is a public cultural institution aiming to manage, preserve, and spread Enaire’s artistic heritage, as well as nourish, expand, and boost aeronautical culture in Spanish society.

The foundation found itself in a period of change and transformation in which they refreshed their programming and opened two new headquarters.

The main challenge was to build a new website in order to embrace the changes of this new period, and bring together the human side of art and aeronautical innovation within the same website.

The product’s success would also be defined by the development of a clearer, more attractive, and dynamic communication of the foundation’s activities.


The strategy team analysed Fundación Enaire’s brand in order to define a new narrative and communication strategy. After planning the territories, which were contemporary art and aeronautical culture, a new communication concept was proposed: “we work to inspire our audience and broaden their view (curiosity, knowledge, emotion), turning the dream of flying into a reality (both literally and metaphorically).”


The website should function as another museum. In order to achieve the best user experience, an external desk research was conducted alongside guerrilla research. Once this was done, four user personas and their future user journeys were developed.

A data architecture was proposed and verified during an open card shorting with the client.


The colour palette used for this project was inspired by the colours of land as seen from a birds-eye view.

To give ENARTE Magazine a more editorial look, the typeface used for body text was Noto Serif JP, with a darker background to differentiate it from the rest of the website.

A UI Kit was developed to facilitate the web development, made by Feijoo-Montenegro.


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