Identity for La Térmica Cultural Centre

Erretres developed the visual identity for the La Térmica cultural center in the Spanish city of Málaga. This cultural center needed a clear identity that was direct and unifying, allowing for quick understanding, avoiding elements that could distract the attention. The basic identity element is the hexagonal pattern drawn by the building’s floor tiles, which serves as a guide and unifies the space.

The chosen color is red (Pantone Warm Red), which references the name of the building (“thermal”) and the city’s warm weather. Thus the red hexagon is the basic symbol of the brand. The secondary identity element is a pattern that comes from the fragmentation and repetition of the hexagon’s sides, keeping the same angles and resulting in a marked pattern.

The project included the publishing identity, signage, communication (stationery, posters, billboards…) and website.

2012 Bronze Laus Award

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