Branding and packaging for a brand of limited edition apparel pieces

Rakelitoh is a personal project. It is a life project of a Spanish fashion designer who imbues every single one of her creations with quality, craftsmanship, versatility, exclusivity and most importantly, personality. The difficulty rests in capturing the creator’s personality in a way that reflects and carries the same passion that she puts into her work, and applying these to the different pieces that define the project.

Crafts – Custom – Quality

Creative concept

Taking these core ideas as the creative foundation, Erretres’ project seeks to include all this in an identity proposal where every aspect was touched on, except the name. Between the diagonal stitches of sewing and the diagonal stroke of the fraction symbol used in numbering the products of a limited edition, we have incorporated this ‘diagonal element’ into the brand identity and typography.

Visual language

An emphatic element, accompanied by a strong chromatic spectrum, helps us not only construct the identity, if not, find ourselves with something that speak about the person who is behind the brand, transmit their personality and passion dedicated to each piece. Rakelitoh is more than an identity project. It is the reflection of a way of understanding work, life and fashion.

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