Ramses Life

Located in the emblematic Puerta de Alcalá and designed by Philippe Starck, Ramses is the setting of this exclusive concept, one which brings together the most complete lifestyle and gastronomy offer in the city. Divided into seven different areas, each is devoted to providing a unique, distinct and immersive experience. Erretres has developed the visual identity and creative concept of these seven spaces.

“Ramses must be poetic and political,
rebellious and benevollent,
pragmatic and  subversive”
Philippe Starck

Ramses Life

It is said, that Ramses is a real life character, an eternal traveller, a philanthropist, an inventor, a lover of unique experiences, and indeed a provider of them thereof. So, the storytelling has been a key element of the identity throughout the entire project.

Villa Torii

Villa Torii combines the classic Roman “villa” with the traditional Japanese “torii”. A very exclusive area in which the customer has its own private space and is personally attended by a chef. The “Torii”, the “Kakemono”, the “Maedae”, the prusian blue and the “Oshokuri bune” are some of the elements inspiring the creative concept of Villa Torii.

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For Villa Torii, we developed many applications, such as coasters, seals, badges, business cards, tableware and tablecloths.


Suria represents a new gastronomic concept, the “Mediterranisme”. Suria is elegant and formal, inspired by a surrealism style. It is the house of the high mediterranean cuisine with a menu that includes traditional recipes. An area in which each private room is a different world.

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For Suria, we developed many applications, such as coasters, seals, badges, business cards, wine, tableware and tablecloths.

The Nomad House

The Nomad House is the house for the tribal, minimalist, wild and elegant people. It represents the crossroads of travel and home, the infinite change, the constant travel and the nomad journey. Inspired by the tepee, it is a moving house for the citizens of the world.

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For The Nomad House, we developed many applications, such as 3D motion, coasters, seals, badges, business cards, wine, tableware and tablecloths.

Crystal Room

Crystal Room represents the luxurious and exclusive parties. Inspired on the Palace of Versailles, its magic and unique celebrations, its mirrored walls and kaleidoscopic gardens.

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For Crystal Room, we developed many applications, such as coasters, business cards, party invitations, record covers, as well as its entire communication style.


With an exclusive and refined gastronomic melange between Japan and France, we worked in the reformed concept of the gastro-terrace IKEBANA. The project is inspired by the three essential values of IKEBANA which are Form, Dynamism and Balance.

We worked together with the artist from Tokyo, Houxo in a design process bound by the values of the Japanese discipline: Form, Dynamism, Balance. “Form”, corresponds to the typeface and “Dynamism” corresponds to the elaborate floral shapes that Houxo deformed using ultraviolet paint. And by joining both of them “Balance” is reached; Ikebana.

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For Ikebana, we developed many convetional applications, such as coasters, business cards, chopsticks, tableware and tablecloths.


Natsuki. Tokyo Cuisine is a premium “gastro-Japanese” concept that aunes oriental discipline and quality in combination with the modern and contemporary Japan.

A quest to find the true essence and mystery of Japan, where we identified 3 factors: Value, Art and Experience. The sum of these elements gave us Natsuki, the perfect combination of tradition and rupture. This combination represents 21st century Japan: modern geishas, technology, kawaii and neon lights. Minimalism and Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat” also made its way into this era.

Brand implementation

For Natsuki, we developed many conventional applications, such as coasters, business cards, chopsticks, tableware and tablecloths, as well as its entire communication style.

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