Brief and objectives

Rocacho is a new grill house located in Madrid’s business district. Its quality is based on a superb final product and friendly service. They asked us to build a lasting brand that would put their promise up front: a memorable culinary experience in a urban rustic setting.


The concept is built around imagery of primitive constructions and tools. Since the earliest of times fire has been an essential element for mankind, and so we focused on the grill house as a place to celebrate rituals. Throughout history humankind has always met around fire and food to celebrate victories in war, treaties between tribes, and so on. We wanted to develop a solid, lasting concept which steered clear of trends and fast fashion, taking the grill house back to basics with a touch of modernity.


The name is the core around which we built the brand experience, and around which we constructed the visual identity. We sought a name that would facilitate the positioning, distinction and impact in the context of hospitality and gastronomy. We opted for a genuine “castizo” name that would function perfectly in the short and long term.

Rocacho is a neologism evoking the image of a big rock, a cornerstone or a construction that transfers its nature and values to the experience of the space. It is a memorable and original name.


The construction of the logotype is based on prehistoric architecture, with the menhir constituting the basis for the logotype’s aesthetic. We choose the typefaceAntena, a humanist design, lowering its horizontal lines in order to create a more grounded sensation.


The symbol is born of an abstraction of the rock’s crystal structure and its planes. The menhir works as a sacred place around which ancient cultures gathered to celebrate special momentos, an analogy for ROCACHO’s experience.


The visual identity is based on the concept of the name; the rock inspiring a unique, cult brand. It is a raw element, anchored to earth yet ascending to the sky, much like the experience enjoyed at the restaurant. Our needs, instincts and senses (taste, smell, the food and drink) elevate us to new and sublime dimensions.

Interior Design

We have worked together with “Cuarto Interior” to create the interior design. We designed a calm and powerful interior design concept protagonized by an iconic element which would function as the key during visual development: the rock. The materials and details are few, carefully selected and full of quality. The rocks as the ember on which the meat cooks delivers huge symbolic and aesthetic charge.



Black, white and copper create a chromatic palette evoking the symbol of the rock, smoke and embers. The culinary process becomes central, and it builds towards the customer’s tasting experience from its very beginning. Inspired by the beauty of raw materials and the fire involved in the art of cooking, we art directed the design of the whole project to create a new experience which elevates anybody who experiences it to new heights of culinary bliss.