Viesgo: strategy and identity for a reborn energy company

E.ON is the most important power company in Europe. In May 2015, the business in Spain was sold, leading to the decision to update the brand. Erretres. The Strategic Design Company developed the branding project based on the name Viesgo, which regained its name from the centenary power company, Eléctrica de Viesgo. Viesgo is the new visual expression of a project which abides to the original, though under a modernized and renewed image. Simultaneously, a project to communicate the change is developed, as much for the general public as for the internal workers.
The logotype of Viesgo was inspired by the infinite specks of light which illuminates earth´s night from an orbital vision; like a myriad of particles which spreads positive energy and projects us into the future. The typography, rounded, was hand-written and produced to create an exclusive logotype.
The visual representation of Viesgo is reenforced with the “e” in lowercase [the initials of the values that are significant to the company: “Energía” (energy), “Equipo” (team), “Eficiencia” (efficiency).

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