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Our aim is to create strong business value across industry sectors and media.

The beginning of everything


Every project begins with an analysis of the current situation, any relevant context, set objectives, and defined targets. This study acts as a solid base for the rest of the process, and serves to uncover opportunities and guarantee optimum development throughout the project.

Clients include El País, Canal+ and Banco Pichincha.

The foundations of a brand


The strategy stage defines what a brand should represent; its mission, its attributes and values, its positioning in the market, what makes it different from the competition, how its naming can affect its perception, the structure of brands and sub-brands, and the style of communication that it employs.

Clients include ViesgoLa Caixa and EKO Japan.

Building an identity


Here at Erretres we’re experts in creating brand identities, providing a strategic vision, and achieving a brand consistency across all uses and platforms; from the naming process to a visual identity and applications thereof. Our purpose is to add value to brands through the strategic and innovative process of design.

Clients include Canal+Banco Pichincha and El País.

Imagining the future

Digital Products

Our capacity for innovation and looking to the future, together with our obsession for precision design, allows us to develop digital products with great functionality and brand consistency. Examples include websites, apps, digital communication strategies, user experience designs, and even new digital platforms.

Clients include El PaísKPMG and Telefónica.

A passion for detail

Custom Publishing

We draw on an extensive experience in the editorial field, with many of our publications recognized by multiple international design awards. We pay attention to the smallest detail throughout the entire process, from the typefaces used, to quality control during printing; all in order to ensure exquisite and beautiful results.

Clients include UnicefKPMG and La Fábrica.

People and spaces

Retail Design & Signage

We have developed the creative direction of multiple spacial design projects, often in collaboration with renowned architects. Examples include restaurants, shops, offices, cultural centres and much more. We also create complete signage systems for transport networks, buildings and even cities.

Clients include PlanB!Spain Select and La Térmica.

We specialize in not specializing

New Business